Time for 2’s & 3’s

A socialization program for two and three year-olds including stories, games, and arts and crafts.  A parent must remain with the child for the duration of the class.  These classes run year round. 

Fees: $5/day.

Class meets Mondays and Wednesdays 10-12 at the Y of the Mohawk Valley.


Pre-School Playhouse

~3-year-old class~

Academic, social and recreational program that promotes learning and fun through a variety of activities including games, stories, field trips, arts and crafts, etc.

 Fees: $30/week

Class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 am to 11 am

Classes are held at Benton Hall Academy.


~4-year-old class~

Academic, social and recreational program that promotes learning, fun and kindergarten readiness.  Class includes circle time, games, stories, arts and crafts, letters, and numbers.  Classes are held at Benton Hall Academy Instructor: Marissa Mowers.   Fees: $50/week

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30. 


Universal Pre-K at Benton Hall Academy

A comprehensive, collaborative, developmentally appropriate early childhood education program and support services designed to strengthen the ability to achieve New York State standards and to provide a balance of educational, playful, interactive interdisciplinary and group activities.  AM and PM sessions offered, each meeting 5 days per week throughout the school year.  Director: Sierra McCarthy Free of charge must be 4 by Dec.1st.  To register call Sierra McCarthy 315-823-1400 ext. 1410 or Aimee Burke 315-866-6570.  Wrap around childcare available, please contact Aimee Burke at 315-866-6570.

Full time Childcare at Benton Hall for children ages 3-4

           (child must be fully toilet trained)

$120 full week, $26 per day,$18 per half day (3 hrs or less)


Wrap around-childcare available for Universal Pre-K, please contact Aimee Burke at 315-866-6570.

UPK discount rates: *$99 full week

*$22/Day    ½ Day $18 (3 hrs or less)

Register at the YMCA of the Mohawk Valley


Before and After School Childcare

After school childcare for grades K-6.  Structured academic and recreational programs developed by the YMCA and local school districts.  Activities are designed to foster each child’s personal, physical and emotional growth.  Program begins the 1st day of school in Sept. and meets each full day school is in session.  Morning sessions meet from 6:30 am until school starts.  After school sessions meet from school dismissal to 5:50 pm Program runs in Little Falls, Ilion, Mohawk, and Frankfort.

Annual Registration Fee:  $15

After School Program

First Child               $52/week

Second Child          $42/week

Daily Rate              $16.50/ 1 – 2 day only

Before School Program

Annual registration Fee: $15

First Child              $35/week

Second Child         $25/week

Daily Rate             $12/am 1 - 2 days only


Weekly fee is based on attendance of three or more days/week 


The School’s Out Program is open to all students in grades K-6 in the school district.  Transportation to sites by school districts when necessary

~Scholarships Available~



Contact Little Falls Middle School at 823-4300 Held at Y

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday TBA 

For Elementary contact Benton Hall at 315-823-1400/Y at 315-823-1740



A Multi-purpose program for youth in grades 2-12. 

Program sites include LITTLE FALLS FAMILY YMCA 315-823-1740 YMCA OF THE MOHAWK VALLEY 315-866-6570


Little Falls & Mohawk

Supervised gym and swim program.  Program operates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3 - 5 p.m.  Swim hours are 4 - 4:45 pm open to youth in grades 2 and up who are able to swim (Little Falls Only).  Weight room privileges during designated hours for students in grades 9 and up.  Students in 7th & 8th grade need orientation and permission.  Evening and weekend gym use are available for older students as posted.


Programs for the Youth Center are free of charge. Contact Lisa Sarto at LITTLE FALLS FAMILY YMCA 315-823-1740 or Aimee Burke at MOHAWK VALLEY YMCA 315-866-6570 for more info.


*Please take notice New Times

              GYM DAYS                                                                      WEIGHT ROOM, NAUTILUS, TRACK DAYS          

Grades             Days                   Times                                            Grades              Days                Times

   2-5             M, W, F            3:00-4:00 PM                                    *   7-8                M, W, F            3:00-5:00 PM

   6-8               W, F              4:00-5:00 PM                                         9-12              MON-FRI          3:00-7:00 PM

   9-12             W, F              5:00-6:00 PM                                         9-12            SATURDAYS         10AM-NOON


             POOL DAYS                                                                                    GAME ROOM DAYS

Grades             Days                   Times                                           Grades             Days                  Times 

2-5                M, W, F            4:00-4:45 PM                                        2-5              M, W, F            4:00-5:00 PM                                                

6-8                M, W, F            4:00-4:45 PM                                        6-8              M, W, F            5:00-6:00 PM

9-12              M, W, F            4:00-4:45 PM                                        9-12              M, W              6:00-7:00 PM


*All participants must have orientation and supervision. Orientations must be scheduled at the front desk.